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Bundled Editing Products

Bundled editing products "Buy The Store" includes all the Image Editing products on the page link below "All the Actions, Overlays, Presets, New Art Mats, All Digital Backdrops and more at a reduced price.

Includes the Following:

Lumière Light Overlays plus Actions

Art Mats - work with any version of Photoshop and Elements

Fine Art Mats - work with any version of Photoshop and Elements

Phenom Actions Collection for Photoshop CS3-CC+ Elements Actions for Elements 6-12

Artistry Workflow, Color Effects, Black and White Presets along with the Artistry Brushes - works with Lighroom

Whisper Texture Overlays - works with Photoshop or Elements

Sublime Light Overlays- Works with Photoshop or elements

Radiant Texture Overlays- Works with Photoshop or Elements

L'Artiste Makeup Actions- Works with Photoshop only

Wing Overlays- Works with Photoshop or Elements

"Let It Snow" Overlays - Works with Photoshop or Elements

Botanical Floral Overlays- Works with Photshop or Elements

Inspired, Imagine plus Velvet Skin Tutorials- Tutorials include Photoshop, and Lightroom - basic techniques also work with Elements.


Digital Backdrop Bundle - over 100 digital backdrop designs included.

Must have Photoshop Cs3-CC or Elements 6-13 to use actions and overlays in this bundle. Lightroom 4 and up is only needed for the Artistry Presets, and Luminous Light Presets.

All the products work with Adobe CC - the latest version of Photosop and Lightroom. Adobe CC (Photoshop and Lightroom) are available as a subscription from Adobe for around $10 a month - if you do not currently own the software. There is a link at the bottom to purchase Adobe CC below.


"So many people wonder how it will look on their images, not just the person who made them. Love them! Thank you again, Mary, for being such a kind teacher!     Bonnie Carhart Hill

"I love how the textures added over the edited images take on a painterly quality! So much fun to go from point A to point B"    Catherine Morefield

Maria Micaela Arellano writes: " I love the artistic classic quality of the images. I learned so much from this class when I first started. I always recommend because it really puts the basics into laymen terms. My artistry and work is completely different yet my understanding of photoshop really began with this series.

I purchased many tutorials from several big names and nothing clicked or stuck with me like these. Check out my work I have no association with Mary but I'm highly appreciated at the assistance I got when I was so overwhelmed.

Many teachers teach you their work flow not the why. You teach tools,and how to apply to bring your vision, I really appreciate that and for me it was an investment that paid off huge so thank you for that."

Mary Pavona Taylor writes: "I am very happy with the information in the book. Thank you for teaching and providing your knowledge to new photographers like me. I can't wait to use your example of light and edit my photos!! Thank you!!"

Jen Milks-Brown writes: "I looked at your book last night! Love it! Its awesome for people that are just starting out! I love the painted look you create and I'm just in love with the photos in the book!."


"OMG! I just want to say THANK YOU!!! I purchased this last night and have already watched 2 videos. Just amazing and so easy to follow! Blew my mind. I was worried about spending the money as I have purchased other tutorials and my interest and understanding was just not there. I am so excited to start playing with my images. But not only that, with my newbie/hobbiest experience the PDF book with the lighting set ups and settings are going to help me so much. I just had to post and share my experience."   Maria Arellano

$299 Make and investment in your Photography Career - Over $1000 worth of editing products included

Bundled Editing just $59 TODAY Use Code  SUPER     
All editing products arrive in your email immediately after purchase -if you ordered via mobile phone you may download at a later time to desktop - due to the digital nature of the product - there are no refunds - thank you!

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