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The most important part of a portait is the face and skin of your subject - learn to make your clients look their best!

So many workshops focus on retouching the background and enhancing the overall image but leave out the most important part - the face and skin.

The VELVET Skin Retouching Workshop consists of 13 videos with 3 hours of skin retouching tutorials that you can watch over and over whenever you want. The links Never expire!

Includes retouching in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom and the techniques apply to any version.

Learn how to retouch skin with only Lightroom using brushes and other tools - no presets needed - along with color balance, fixing undereye circles, smoothing skin, enhancing eyes and more - all within Lightroom for you Lightroom only users.

Then learn how to retouch in Photoshop only without actions - smooth skin, fix acne, brighten complexions, brighten eyes and give that creamy skin tone - all within Photoshop - any version.

Then watch as I take you thru the complete editing of images using both Lightroom and Photoshop from beginning to end without using premade brushes and actions.

There are 4 images that are retouched from beginning to end with the end result is that peaches and cream skin tone. Learn how to correct skin discolorations and color casts as well as color balancing and adding warmth to skin tones.

Everything you need to retouch skin from your youngest client to your oldest is right here!

Also included is a tutorial on how to create that Heirloom portrait - perfect for wall size portraits.

Plus included for a limited time are the Artistry Brushes for Lightroom a $59 Value!

So - here is the most comprehensive skin editing tutorials available - let me show you how!


Velvet Video Tutorials
Bundled Editing
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