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Hi - I'm Mary Roux - How would you like to learn simple natural lighting techniques to create beautiful award winning images?

I've created the Inspired PDF Tutorial Book from 20 years experience to give you the tools to achieve - not only beautiful simple lighting but also 7 video tutorials on how you can learn to edit your images by hand WITHOUT Photoshop actions!

The videos included show you how to create: A Vintage Painted Look, Dramatic Black and White or Sepia, Rich Color Edit, Dramatic Lighting and more thru Photoshop without actions! (Also shown are previous edits with the Phenom Collection of actions)

And the best part is - you can print out the tutorial and watch the videos over and over again!

Everyday I see image after image that could be more beautiful with just a few lighting changes. And once you learn these techniques - you can repeat them indoors or out over and over!

So what is included - a 30 page PDF tutorial with clickable links - such as videos and links to equipment

Lighting Diagrams on 14 Different Images along with Tips

My Photographic Equipment

My Natural Light Equipment - for Studio or Outdoor images

Clickable links for Vendors

My Favorite Lighting Patterns with Diagrams so you can easily create the same lighting.

What's not included? Fancy and sometimes confusing Studio Lighting Techniques for the Studio or Outdoors - my methods are super simple!

What equipment is required to use this information? You can start with your basic camera and lens and pick up a few simple items to get started!

Whether you are a professional looking to perfect your skills or just looking to take great photos of your kids - the information included will help you improve your images.

So what are you waiting for?

As a busy mom and wife I know your time is limited - I've created this information to save you time and money to achieve beautiful images in weeks not months or years!


Maria Arellano writes:

"OMG! I just want to say THANK YOU!!! I purchased this last night and have already watched 2 videos. Just amazing and so easy to follow! Blew my mind. I was worried about spending the money as I have purchased other tutorials and my interest and understanding was just not there. I am so excited to start playing with my images. But not only that, with my newbie/hobbiest experience the PDF book with the lighting set ups and settings are going to help me so much. I just had to post and share my experience."

Mary Pavona Taylor writes: "I am very happy with the information in the book. Thank you for teaching and providing your knowledge to new photographers like me. I can't wait to use your example of light and edit my photos!! Thank you!!"

Jen Milks-Brown writes: "I looked at your book last night! Love it! Its awesome for people that are just starting out! I love the painted look you create and I'm just in love with the photos in the book!."


PDF Tutorial with Videos Only (Works on mac/windows, desktops, ipads etc.)
Due to the Digital Nature of this product - there will be NO REFUNDS - thank you!

Inspired Tutorial and Videos
Bundled Editing
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