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Phenom Photoshop Actions

The Phenom Actions Collection set is a very popular set for good reason. It includes not only basic actions such as retouching but artistic color and black and white actions for Photoshop CS3 thru the latest version of Creative Cloud and Also Elements 6-Latest Version - each compatible with Windows and Mac.


Allowing you creative control over your images.

42 ACTIONS - turn off and on layers and adjust opacity to achieve unique effects - endless possibilities and creative fun!

Actions tested in Photoshop CS3-CS6 and Creative Cloud and Elements 6-Latest version.



PICTURE PERFECT (Retouching and Brightening Actions)

Tack Sharp, Crystal Clear, Glow, Silky Skin (skin retouching brush), Eye Pop (eye brightening brush), Hair Lights (hair hightlighting brush), Get the Red Out (red canceling brush), Rosy Glow (rosy blush brush), Peachy Glow (peachy blush brush), Paint Me Rich (rich paint brush), Grain with Character

ENDLESS SUMMER (Deep Golden Color Actions)

Sunset, Golden Sun, Sunset Paint (Paint on Sun effects)


Basic Matt, Flaxen Matt, Matt Flower Child, Light and Airy Matt, Cotton Candy Matt, Powder Blue Matt, Rusty Matt, Rich Matt, Golden Matt


Basic Black and White, Black and White Drama, 1960's Black and White, Vintage Black and White, Indigo Black and White


Dark Oval Vignette 1, Dark Oval Vignette 2, Dark Bottom Vignette, Dark Vignette Paint, Light Oval Vignette 1, Light Oval Vignette 2, Light Bottom Vignette, Light Vignette Paint


Smooth, Soft Focus 1, Soft Focus 2, Soft Focus 3


Bundle Includes - PHENOM PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS- CS3-CS6 + Creative Cloud and PHENOM PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS FOR ELEMENTS 6-latest version. Plus Sublime and Radiant Light and Texture Overlays -see links below.

Normally $129 Today Only $49 with the Bundle Purchase below 

(mobile purchases may be downloaded and installed later to desktop/laptop)

Phenom Actions and Radiant Texture Overlays

$129.00 Regular Price
$49.00Sale Price
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